Warlock Leveling Guide – Leveling For Warlock in WotLK

Warlocks are a very good class to play with, due to their extraordinary damage and survivability. Besides, their pet will give even more control over their damage. After level 20, a well played warlock will never run out of mana due to the effective use of life tap and other talents. Warlocks have the ability to solo quests, which normally requires group. Read on to find out the best  talent build for a warlock!


The main purpose of this warlock leveling guide was to reveal the best available talent build for warlocks, because it is really hard to choose the most effective one for leveling. A good talent build for leveling is focusing on damage rather then defense.  So, I think the best talent tree is the Affliction. The primary intent of this build is to maximize your mana efficiency while keeping a really high DPS up. This will allow you to continue killing without stop. The first talent you should pick up, should be the Improved Corruption. Improved Soul Drain will help your mana efficiency, while Soul Siphon and Improved Life Drain will increase your overall effectiveness. Fel Concentration is one of the best talents in the Affliction tree, as it will allow you to ‘drain-tank’ your enemies. This means, that you find a target, apply some DoT damage (Corruption,Curse of Agony etc.), Lifetap to regain the used mana, and Life Drain your target until its death. The next talents should be the Grim Reach and Nightfall. Siphon Life is yet another great talent, as it will help your damage and mana efficiency even more.  Finally, at level  40, you will get the best talent in the affliction tree: the Dark Pact. This talent will allow you, to use your pet as a mana pool: you will be able to transfer your pet into mana. At this point, virtually, you will have unlimited mana!

The Ultimate Warlock Leveling Guide

If you enjoy leveling, then I recommend you to stay away from leveling guides as they will instantly catapult you to level 80. But, if you want to get level 80 as quickly as possible, I recommend you to check out the best warlock leveling guide. Actually, nowadays, there is no longer a warlock leveling guide, as all the good automated guides, cover all the classes.