Warning – Bamboo Floor Problems

Indeed there are bamboo floor problems though not as severe as you would imagine. I always believe that knowing the problem and doing something about it is the right thing to do. So if you have bamboo flooring, like me, you should pay attention to some details that may give you headaches later on. Prevention is better than cure after all so before bamboo floor problems could happen, be ready for it, or prevent it as best you can.

Very High Expectations

There are many problems with bamboo flooring. First, people are instructed to expect so much from the material by overselling salespeople. The sales pitch gets more incredible each day. I am not saying that bamboo flooring is bad. I agree that it is durable, that it is beautiful, and that you can rely on its toughness. However, I advise you not to believe everything commercials say because if you would expect too much, you might not be able to properly take care of your bamboo flooring.

Manufacturing Problems

Other bamboo floor problems stem from low quality manufacturers. I say, never fall for these types of manufacturers. They use inferior materials or the way they do things are plain sloppy. I know earning profits is good but please, quality product should be the top of the matter. With low quality materials or sloppy manufacturing work, bamboo flooring problems like contractions, expansions, imperfections visibly, and inconsistencies are sure to occur. A bamboo floor should be engineered properly or it would be no bamboo floor at all. Also, be aware that some manufacturers out there do not have a proper quality control system. It may be that some of their products are quiet good but others are way too unacceptable.

Maintenance Problems

A bamboo floor can produce problems for you later on if you do not maintain it properly. As I said, if you were oversold with the product, you would tend to be negligent about it. There are a lot of maintenance guides out there. I strongly recommend that you be aware of these. Also, over maintenance can also become a problem. If you are being paranoid about it and keep cleaning your bamboo floor, then the harmful chemicals from the cleaning agent you are using will cause damages. So just be careful always.

Moisturise and Stains

Bamboo is usually found in areas that have a tropical climate. Because of this, bamboo has built in resistance to water. Still, do not be overconfident about this. You should keep track of the moisture level in the room where your bamboo flooring is. I do not mean for you to buy gadgets to measure room temperature and moisture content, nothing overly dramatic really. Just be mindful about it. Also, stains are common bamboo floor problems. Too much moisture can make bamboo expand or contract. I advise you to coat your bamboo flooring with extra polyurethane or probably wax. This will prevent stains and keep the bamboo flooring shiny.