Warranties to Check for on Used Cisco Switches

When buying used Cisco switches and other secondary market IT equipment, it is important to pay attention to the warranty included on the product. As any IT professional knows, even the best equipment can fail under certain conditions, making a warranty essential to ensure continued operation and support for a product.

Most high end IT and networking equipment have a limited warranty that covers repairs, parts and unit replacement for a specified period. The current industry standard is for one year coverage, but some companies offer longer warranty periods depending on the equipment being purchased.

Choosing a service provider that offers a robust warranty and support option can help protect against any eventualities. For instance, some providers can ship replacement hardware overnight, which can be a tremendous advantage in the event of equipment failure.

One option to protect the hardware investment is to purchase an extended warranty that covers equipment that are at EOL or End-of-Life status. EOL status equipment is no longer in production and therefore no longer supported by the manufacturer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a product categorized as EOL support is no longer usable, or will not be able to perform as well as brand new hardware.

With proper maintenance and care, even older routers and switches that are no longer in production can perform as well as newer models. A service provider that can offer a warranty for used Cisco switches, routers, and other hardware at EOL status can provide the essential support and service necessary to ensure that the equipment delivers optimal performance.