Washing Machines Reviews – Top Load Agitator Vs Top Load High Efficiency

There is no question about it-top load high efficiency washers are better choices. But for the record, let us run through the differences of top load agitator washers and top load high efficiency washers.

The usual top loading washing machines use agitators to clean the clothes. This agitator is responsible in churning the clothes to get rid of the dirt and grime in your laundry. However, this is also the cause of the many disadvantages of top loaders.

For one thing, the agitator takes up more space. This limits a top loader’s laundry capacity. You can wash more clothes if the agitator is not present. This is where top load high efficiency washing machines come in.

The following are the striking difference in using a top loading high efficiency washer:

Missing Agitator

Instead of the usual agitator, it is replaced with a wash plate that is located at the bottom of the washer. This wash plate enables the washing machine to spin the clothes in a centrifugal motion. Since there is no more agitator, it can clean more clothes.

Better Cleaning Action

It has been purported to clean better. The centrifugal action infuses more detergent and water in the fabric of your clothes so it seeps in and gets rid of even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Gentle on Your Laundry’s Fabric

It is better for clothes because there is no agitator that can destroy the fabric. The centrifugal action in this type of washers helps detergent penetrate in the fabric in a gentle manner. It is like a cross between a front loader and top loader.

Energy And Water Efficient

You can find most top loading high efficiency washers that are Energy Star Compliants. The latest models today have passed the Energy savings requirements and have garnered quite good reviews. Not only that, you do not need to fill the washer tub with a lot of water. The centrifugal washing action infuses more water into your laundry so you won’t be needing more of it.

Front load washing machines have often placed top load washing machines under the shade. It is a good thing that science has found a way to improve this otherwise traditional washing machine.

Top load high efficiency washing machine is a good investment. It is even cheaper than buying front loaders. If you do not like the disadvantages of using front loaders, try this high efficiency washer instead.