Water-Based Concrete Sealer And The Many Benefits

A water-based penetrating concrete sealer is becoming more popular these days due to several factors. Read on to discover the benefits users have learned from utilizing this type of concrete sealer.

A water-based concrete sealer differs from the other types of concrete sealers in that it does not leave a film on the surface of the concrete. Once applied, this concrete sealer seeps into the concrete and reacts, chemically, with the concrete. It bonds well with concrete and penetrates deep into it ensuring a strong seal.

Its main function is to protect concrete against moisture penetration and other liquids or chemicals. However, it does allow trapped moisture to escape from within. Since it leaves no film on the surface of the concrete, it does not alter the appearance or leave a luster on the concrete.

The product can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. More often it is used for outdoor applications, like in driveways, since it will not cause a slippery surface once applied. A water-based concrete sealer is also recommended for basement and garage floors as they keep stains away from concrete. Needless to say, it makes concrete more durable.

There are many products available on the market that make it easy to apply on your own. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on its application. It is easy to apply. Likewise, it is also easy to remove when it becomes necessary to do so.

Just a few tips before you do apply it on your own. Different brands may offer different coverage. A typical figure is about 250 square feet per gallon. If you need at least four gallons for your concrete, it may be wise to buy a 5-gallon pail than four 1-gallon pails to save on money. Remember, larger containers usually are more economical to purchase than several smaller ones. You will only need a low-pressure, high-volume sprayer and a roller to apply the sealer. It is advised to apply at least two coatings to concrete for better results.

A water-based penetrating concrete sealer is also user-friendly as it has no unpleasant odors emitted nor is it flammable. The application is also quick-drying as within an hour after its application, it is already dry to your touch. Since there is no use of chemicals to serve as its base, the water-based concrete sealing is safe to you and the environment. Hands can easily be rinsed without fear of poisoning.

A water-based penetrating concrete sealer also offers resistance to ultra-violet rays which keep concrete intact longer as compared with concrete without such a sealer when it is used outdoors. This is true even with thin coatings applied to the concrete. Since there is no protective film formed on the surface, the concrete sealer cannot be peeled by scratching the surface which offers better protection.

Given these benefits of a concrete sealing, there can be no doubt as to why many people opt to use it.