Water Fountains – An Artistic Way to Highlight Your Business

A commercial water fountain is an excellent way to present your business. In these times of business competition it is essential to find a way to promote your brand that is stunning and has a lasting impression on your visitors and clients.

What could be more unique than a commercial water fountain with your corporate logo engraved on it? Indoors or outside, a water fountain used as the sign for your business will keep customers remembering you.

If your business has a large frontage, you may want to consider a large tiered fountain to welcome visitors to your premises. Large fountains become landmarks and invariably referenced with the business name. This is certainly a unique and natural way to make your business name a local by-word.

Entryways and walls outside the building are also excellent locations to have a wall fountain cascading water down a marble panel. Inside the building, a wall fountain hanging prominently in the reception area with your company name engraved onto it will create a great impact. What a great way to greet your customers.

Commercial water fountains come in all shapes and sizes and you will always be able to find one to fit your décor. Large grandiose, tiered water fountains in the courtyard will definitely create an effect as the client approaches but to my mind, it is inside the building where a fountain will have the greatest impact.

It is usual for customers and clients to arrive early for an appointment and have to wait several minutes. What better place to wait than next to a gently cascading waterfall. The soft sounds and beautiful visual effect will relax the client before an appointment.

A water fountain inside the business premises has so many benefits. Confidential information can be discussed and the conversation muted by the sounds of the water or it can drown out the sounds of neighboring conversations.

The negative ions that discharge from the tumbling waters help to create a healthy environment. Negative ions remove allergens from the air and reduce the positive ions that create stress. If you business has lots of computer terminals and fluorescent lights, then undoubtedly you have a stressful office. Waterfalls will combat the stress buildup.

There is another benefit. By adding a commercial water fountain to your premises, you will be eligible for a tax deduction.

Make your new commercial water fountain a New Year resolution and reap the benefits throughout the year. There are many reputable water fountain businesses, such as serenityhealth.com, who will advise you on style, design and all of the aspects associated with having a commercial fountain installed in your premises or offices.