Waterfront Properties in Belize

A serene cool breeze blowing over the blue shining water greets you with the first light of morning, the water tide sweeps across your doorway and the dazzling sky merges with the water to give you the much needed peace of mind in this materialistic world. This peace can be experienced only at a glorious waterfront house. Belize possesses the gift of nature’s beauty. Variety of cultures and languages thrive in Belize surrounded by natural beauty which is hard to find in any other part of the world. A waterfront property can help you experience the best ambience created by nature.

Waterfronts in Belize

Belize is facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea with a 174 Miles long barrier reef famous for all kinds of flora and fauna and hell lot of adventure activities. To add to this there are many beautiful lagoons in Belize around which several world-class planned communities have been developed. The lagoons here are best for underwater adventure and picnicking.

Properties near Lagoons

· The shining blue Lagoons glorify the boundaries of these properties. These are world class planned communities that provides marvelous waterfront properties.

· You have the liberty to construct your dream home on your terms or you can avail the help from the estate limited here who will provide you with their various mesmerizing house designs.

· The Planned Communities here have the Property Owners Association which takes care of all the community facilities like a playgrounds, swimming pool, community pier, boat ramp etc.

· The communities have access and frontage on Cocos/Progresso Lagoon, which leads to Chetumal Bay going out to the Caribbean Sea. Here all the residents can enjoy fabulous paddling adventures Lagoon and have free boat access to the Caribbean Sea where they can enjoy at some of the best diving spots in the world.

Properties near Serene River Beds

The Properties here stand on the edge of the streaming rivers that flows onward and joins the Caribbean Sea.

A house here is all what you will crave for after going through its mesmerizing features.

· The homes here have unique architectural designs to perfectly blend with the natural environs. You may have your own unique house design or choose from the styles such as the Mediterranean style, Key west style, Contemporary style and southwest style provided by the Waterside Limited.

· The communities here will make sure that as an owner you will never have to grumble upon the water, electric and telephone facilities.

· 50% of the community land is developed and maintained as preserves, green areas, open spaces and reserves where the community members can enjoy recreational activities.

· The properties here are well connected through fully compact all weather roads for smooth traveling.

· Every parcel owner will have an access to the river to get on with adventurous activities like canoeing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and rafting.

· Property Owners Association maintains all the community facilities and develops communal harmony among the community members.

Pure Enjoyment along Pure Water

The waterfront properties combined with the planned communities provides the essence of the best dwelling places. With commercial establishments and major towns just a few miles away from the waterfront properties in Belize, you be sure to have a perfect balanced life.