Ways to Instill Creativity in Children

There are many people who are born with creative skills and yet do not make use of this ability in their lives. This could be because a number of them were not encouraged to show their creativity when they were kids. However, since time has changed greatly, parents should encourage their children for creative thinking by recognizing their capabilities. Creativity offers a number of benefits to children such as enhancing their coping skills, increasing their thinking power and makes them capable of solving problems. Parents can foster creativity in their kids by providing them a number of resources including a suitable environment, ideas, art supplies, foam board, coloring books and so on. There are many other things which parents can do to support creative thinking in kids.

Parents and teachers are the ones who can help children make good use of their abilities. Children should be provided with an environment that will allow him to be himself and explore new things. If a child is given crayons and paper and left in his room undisturbed, he will get all the time in the world to put his imagination on paper. This is the way parents can identify the capability of their child. Parents also need to provide children with unique ideas and if possible, involve the child in decision making processes.

Moreover, a child should not be felt pressured and should be given enough time to explore the possibilities. Hobbies such as painting and reading should be introduced as the parents input are essential in developing a kid’s creativity. As a child grows, it is essential to remove things like coloring books from his pastimes. Coloring books does not offer much to enhance a child’s creativity as it simply contains creations of some other person. A child should be encouraged to draw his own pictures and color them. Moreover, children should not be criticized for their drawing as it can diminish his capabilities. It is always important to encourage them for what they have created to boost their spirit.

Clay can also be used to encourage creativity. However, adults are required to supervise kids when they are using such things and they need to make sure that the child does not start putting clay in his mouth. Paint also gives great pleasure to children to mix out the different colors and experiment with them. While playing with the different colors, when a child has made a new color, he will feel encouraged to try mixing new colors and see the results of each mix. They will be able to learn the color theory better with an adult’s supervision.

Creative kids have a lot of advantages over the non creative ones. Creativity helps them to develop a wide range of solutions to problems and these kids are often the cleverest ones. They are more curious regarding things and are willing to learn new things everyday. Moreover, children will develop interest in many different areas and this will be helpful in their studies and their learning abilities will be enhanced as well.