Ways to Make Loose Curls With a Flat Iron

Loose curls can easily be created on your hair with a flat iron. Some people are not aware that you can use a hair straightener for curling your hair as well as they think that it is designed just for straightening purpose. Usually curling irons with large barrels are used to create loose or wavy curls, but a flat iron can also be used to come with that beautiful round curl that you wish to. That means, you need not have to invest on a separate curling iron for accomplishing curls on your hair. You can easily do the task in less than a minute with professional quality flat iron with 2 in 1 styling option. Loose, wavy curls give a carefree and naughty appeal to the one with the style. That is why; This style is highly preferred by young girls of today. Not only a straightening rod can bring sleek and straight locks for you, but they are also efficient in creating those carefree, teenage curls that gives a natural cute appeal on you. Here, we provide you with the best ways of creating those lovely waves easily with a straightener.

Once you have picked out a good multi-purpose hair straightener for your needs, prepare your hair for the process. You should apply good conditioners to retain the moisture on your hair and then protect your hair with heat protectant products. After making your hair well protected for the curling process, detangle and curl the hair so that you can easily get those soft curls on them. Applying anti-frizz products will help to stay without any stubborn tresses after styling. Now, choose the best temperature required for your hair to get them curled perfectly. If you already have a thick, curly hair and wish to make the curls soft and well defined, then you will need more temperature than others with straight and normal hair. Change the barrel of the iron with a larger sized one so that it does not create dents when styled. For looser curls, take larger sections of hair for styling. You can either create messy waves by curling the hair in different directions or perfect bouncy curls with U-shape motions on the direction you desire.