Ways to Prepare for a Painter

When hiring professional painters can save you time and stress when it comes to changing the look in a room. To make their job easier, however, there are few things that a homeowner can do to prepare. Obviously maintaining a home with clean walls and floor will make it easier to apply the paint and move around the house. To prepare for the crew that will come in, you can put down a drop cloth and then scrub the walls with a detergent to remove any dirt. The cleaner the surface, the more perfect the painting will be.

The first steps that a property owner needs to make prior to hiring a company is to decide what rooms they want painted and what colors they want used. The rooms will determine what type of paint the company uses on the walls. There are paints that are easier to wipe off body oils or crayon, while others make cleaning grease off a pain.

Make sure the walls are completely clean and free of defects. If you have areas that have had pictures hung often, you will want to fill the holes. You will also need to check to see if there is anything specific you need to do with carpets and outlets. All items that have sentimental value will need to be put up or moved to a different location. After you have cleaned and vacuumed, you are ready for a drop cloth to be placed for work to begin.

When deciding what colors to go with, you will need to take into account of the lighting in your house. It is best if you take home color cards or swatches to place against the surface. Some home improvement stores offer sample containers for only a few dollars so that you can check it on a small section of the wall. This allows you to compare different looks.

Finally, you need to contact several different companies that do contract work. Make sure you ask for previous clients and references so you can see work that has been done. Get price quotes, taking into account if you will need to move furniture or if that is included in the price. Some companies expect you to provide your own drop clothes and have things taped up, while others prefer to set everything up themselves.

Preparing for remodeling can consume much of your life, especially moving kitchen appliances, covering all dishes, getting furniture out of the way, or prepping any living space. Allowing a contracting company to come in and help out will take much of the strife. You can put the fun back in the change and design elements.