Ways to Quiet a Squeaky Hamster Wheel

Ways to quiet a squeaky hamster wheel.

About a month ago, I realised that one of my silent spinner hamster wheels was not as silent as before. Squeaking sounds came from the wheel as my roborovski hamster was running on the wheel. I was puzzled because I spent a few more bucks buying a silent spinner but it ended up making more noise than the normal ones. I Googled the possible reasons and solutions as to why my silent spinner was making these loud squeaky noises and came to realise the mistakes I have made and how it can be resolved.

Ways to quiet a squeaky hamster wheel

  1. Use non-toxic lubricant to keep your silent spinner noise free! Strip your silent spinner and detach the axle from the wheel. Use a cotton pad, dapped with some lubricant, to wipe the axle thoroughly. Fix back the axle to your wheel and your wheel will be as good as new!

    Some lubricants you can use:

    • Vegetable oil
    • Vaseline
    • Butter – wears out after awhile and you would have to apply it more frequently

    If this method should fail and your hamster wheel is still squeaking, then you can try the following methods to solve your problem.

  2. Instead of using a cotton pad to dap the axle of your hamster wheel, soak the axle in vegetable oil for an hour. Make sure that the plastic part does not get into the oil. After that, take out the axle and wipe it with a kitchen towel before fixing it back to the other parts of the wheel. This will prevent the vegetable oil from over-flowing into the wheel and getting onto your hamster.
  3. Another method you can use is to move your hamster cage into a closet at night when you are sleeping. It will not make the wheel quiet but at least the sound will be more muffled as compared to leaving it outside of the closet. Remember to leave it slightly ajar so that your hamster will have some ventilation.
  4. Lastly, and this should be your last resort, move your hamster cage out of your room.

These are some of the information gathered while searching for ways to quiet a squeaky hamster wheel. In the process of doing so, I have also came across 2 factors that might have caused your wheel to become squeaky and how you can prevent it.

Here are some of the reasons why your hamster wheels become squeaky and how you can prevent it.

  1. Rusting of axle
    I have read in forums and some ‘online answers’ advising hamster owners to use vinegar to rinse their hamster’s toys to remove odour. This is an excellent method to remove odour but vinegar will oxidise the metal and cause it to rust. Once it rusts, the process will be irreversible. So my advice is to remove the axle from the wheel before rinsing it with vinegar and water. Then make sure it is dry before attaching the axel back to the wheel.
  2. Wheels being used for a long time
    Because hamsters run a lot, the axle might get worn out in the long run. This wear and tear is caused by friction and can be prevented by lubricating your wheel frequently with the recommended lubricants mentioned above.


In my article, I mentioned 4 Ways to quiet a squeaky hamster wheel:

  1. Lubricate using cotton pad
  2. Lubricate by soaking
  3. Leave your hamster cage in closet at night
  4. Move hamster cage out of room

I have also mentioned the 2 causes of ending up with squeaky hamster wheels and how to prevent them:

  1. Rusting of axle
  2. Wheels used for a long time

I hope you have learned something new from my article and I want to emphasize that the lubricant use MUST be non-toxic. This is because the lubricant might get onto your hamster’s wheel and the consequences will be fatal if it ingests it. Another thing is, prevention is better than cure. So before your wheel becomes all squeaky and noisy, wipe the axle with a cotton pad soaked with oil. This will allow you to have longer lasting silent wheels. Wishing you and your hamster happiness!