We Have Come Along Way in Our Exploitation of Transportation

We sure have come along way since the horse and buggy or the first Model T that left the assembly line. We have attempted to build unbelievable transport items and prototypes for instance; the Spouse Goose, jet powered bullet trains, under water autonomous vehicles and those X-Planes. Speaking of which if you have been to all the aviation and space museums you would have to be impressed with what we have achieved so far in air transportation, but we can not stop here. Joint projects with NASA, US Military, DOT R and D and private corporations have built and tested many fascinating prototypes.

Having been to every aviation museum in the country, you have to be amazed at our progress in this century. Here are just a few of the museums we have been to;


and look at these jet trains;


down the street from the R and D, Department of transportation Center in Pueblo Colorado run by Bechtel. It is essential that we should continue research on all types of new and improved methods of transportation such Magnetic Levitation Trains, Hyper-Sonic Aircraft and space craft, Pelican type super transports, Mega-Cargo Blimps, Air-Cushioned Trains, Self Driving Trucks, Smart Cars, Pilot-Less Trains, UAVs, Underwater Unmanned Vehicles, RLV-Reusable Launch Vehicles Space Craft, Road Surface Safety Materials, Warning Systems and Smart Traffic Controls. All of these emerging technologies have been worth the research dollars.

We've come a long way in a short time and we must continue to press on and seek our human destiny through the innovations and research to propel the human race. Think about it.