We Love It! The Boba Organic Baby Carrier Review

Whether you are out traipsing through the woods, wearing your baby around the house, or running errands; outdoor enthusiasts and attachment parents alike will need some form baby carrier to comfortably transport their little one keeping them close without the bulk and heft of a stroller.

The Boba organic baby carrier is a frameless ‘soft carrier’ made out of organic cotton with foam straps and can be used as a front or back pack. The carrier features a detachable (button) hood that can be used to support the childs neck while sleeping, as a sunshade, or privacy barrier for nursing. Foot straps run along the waist belt and can be used to allow your child to somewhat support themselves and push up with their feet although our baby never seems to use them!

The simplicity of the Boba is what makes it such a fantastic baby backpack carrier.

The boba is not technically a full sized carrier that you insert your child into, but rather more of a pouch that allows you to carry your child against your body. Therefore it is extremely lightweight and can be put on easily in a matter of seconds.

To use as a front baby carrier – Clip the sturdy reinforced waist belt around your waist and pull tight in the rear. Toss one shoulder strap on, insert your child between the carrier back and your chest and toss the other strap over your shoulder. Reach overhead behind your back to fasten the shoulder straps conveniently positioned up high, pull to tighten and you are ready to go. Easy for any parent to manage without additional assistance.

To use as a back baby carrier a little extra effort is required and you will potentially need an extra hand to assist in supporting the baby while you buckle the straps.

The main benefit of a carrier like the boba of course is the intimate closeness of contact that you and your child will experience. The baby is carried tight and secure for a bounce free ride. While wearing the carrier we have free range of motion with our hands and arms allowing us to accomplish chores, shop, or point out the enchanted world around us while exploring.

The boba carrier can be worn on the front or the back (once your child meets the weight requirements) and can accommodate a child from 15-40 pounds. It is designed to fit parents between roughly 5 foot and 6’3.

Compared to other carriers I have seen on parents or read in baby carrier reviews the boba appears to support better for both baby and parent positioning baby slightly higher without the ‘drooping’ effect that many front baby carriers seem to exhibit. As far as front baby carriers go the Boba may be a bit more stylish for Dads, although shame on you if you are embarrassed to wear a wrap!

The Boba Organic carrier is our go to baby carrier for hiking, errands, and travel. My wife and I have hiked for miles and miles with our using the Boba. (fair warning! This can lead to serious belly / chest sweat as you hike along with your little heat rock!) When its time for our daughter to get out and run around we simply fold the Boba up and toss it into our daypack and don’t have to worry about carrying it around. Since the carrier is frameless it easily compresses into a bag for travel.

The carrier has held up extremely well so far with near daily use for over a year showing no signs of wear. We can seemingly wear it forever without getting uncomfortable (minus the sweat!) and look forward to a few more years of use! I would not hesitate to recommend this carrier in a heartbeat to anyone in the market. We love it, and it is one of my favorite pieces of baby gear!