Wealthy People Use Small Efforts For BIG Results While Poor People Use BIG Efforts For Small Results

Wealthy people create systems.

Read that again …

Wealthy people create systems.

The fastest way to wealth is to find a method that works, make it profitable then duplicate it over and over and over again. That is when you have a system for wealth.

Perhaps the best example of this can be found in the business system known as franchising. A profitable idea in one location has a great chance of being profitable in another location because the money making system has been tried and tested.

Some wealthy people use the terms: PROVE – PROFIT – RINSE – REPEAT.

Another example is that of a man who needs to dig a trench. A poor man will toil all day in the sun and the wind and the rain with a shovel. A rich man will hire a machine and have the job done in no time flat.

This is a perfect example of how wealthy people use small efforts to produce big results while poor people use big efforts to produce small results. Wealthy people "outsource." Poor people try to do everything themselves.

Now, you may think that poor people HAVE to do everything themselves. In some respects that is true. But that is also why they are poor. Being poor is a mindset. While the poor man is doing everything himself the wealthy man gets others to do the things that he is not good at or tasks that are too time consuming. In that way he can free up time to do the things that he is good at – that is, the things that make him money.

Wealth and poverty are mindsets. Which mindset do you have? Are you the type of person who uses small efforts to produce big results or do you use big efforts to produce small results?