Web Hosting Plan Types

If you are not too familiar with the terms that you could encounter as you search for a web hosting plan that would work for you, you might get into a bit of a pickle. As you do some online research, you would most likely be coming across with a lot of different plans. Here are some hosting plans which just might be what you need to host your website.

Shared web hosting refer to the plan offered by a web hosting company, which works by the company gathering the various users' websites and placing them under a single server. Each of the users would be given limited server space and resources that they would use so that their website could properly run. However, shared web hosting could cause your website to encounter a bit of slow traffic and rundown, particularly when your neighbors are running some corrupted or defective program scripts.

Another type of hosting, dedicated server hosting is a plan that reserves an entire server for a single website owner. If you choose this plan, you would need to rent one entire server, which would make all resources available for you. This plan would be very effective for e-commerce websites and personal websites, which require high traffic.

A combination of a dedicated server account and shared web hosting would be virtual web hosting. With this kind of hosting plan, the web server's integrated software would enable its own infringement to some other virtual servers. This would result in a myriad of servers running in one system, which you would need to pay for. Virtual plans cost more than shared hosting plans, although dedicated server hosting plans would be the most expensive of all.