Wedding Bands For Women And Bezel Set Engagement Rings

One of the most popular types of wedding bands for women are bezel set diamond rings. They are also very popular for men's engagement rings. Choosing such an important symbol of love and devotion takes time and deserves attention to detail.

A prominent feature of these wedding rings is the security with which the gem is set in the ring. Unlike other methods of attaching a diamond to a gold, platinum or palladium band, the bezel set virtually encases the gem to the metal.

This style is ideal for active couples, or those who do not wish to frequently remove their valuable band. Imagine playing a rousing game of volleyball and discovering later on that your precious stone is gone. The chances of ever finding it are slim to none.

This setting is a very time-honored method of attaching a gem to the ring. Basically, the gem is set deep in the mounting then a special burnishing tool is used to stretch the metal over the top edges of the gem, holding it fast in place.

Some people hold the unfounded belief that this method prevents the clarity of a diamond from radiating out and glistening with its natural beauty. In truth, most of the radiance comes from the top of the gem and the metal setting does not really inhibit the gem from sparkling with radiance.

Though this method does leave a more pronounced and obvious mark on the ring, the security it provides more than offsets the intrusion of the metal on the gem. A good jeweler is expert at making a beautiful piece, in spite of the presence of the metal.

Partial bezels are also quite popular and provide a stunning backdrop to show off the natural beauty of a diamond or other precious gem. It is important, however, to be sure that the partial is still strong enough to securely hold the gem in place during vigorous activity.

Another important benefit of the bezel set engagement ring or wedding band is that the collar around the gem helps prevent dust, dirt and oil from collecting around the stone. This can cause the sparkle to become dull and cloudy.

One might be tempted to think that this design is limited to very simple and plain rings, but this is not the case. In fact, you can buy Irish Claddagh, Christian, custom design, and many other styles that use the bezel setting.

Men who choose a wedding band with precious stones very often opt for this style because of the strength and durability inherent in the design.