Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces are one of the most talked about aspects of the Wedding.

You want guests to have the "wow factor" once they walk into the reception room.

The most traditional Wedding centerpieces are floral arrangements they are classic and make the table stand out.

A floral arrangement also ties in easily with your color theme.

Use your imagination when designing your wedding centerpiece and remember it should reflect your personality.

You may opt for flowers but not in the traditional way.

Floating candles and flowers make a beautiful table arrangement as do flowers placed in an hourglass vase with fruit stones or candy

The trend in Weddings at the moment is lighting this changes the feel and atmosphere of a room. Small lipstick lamps and a small posie of flowers on the each table accessorise a table without being too expensive.

Candles are a perfect way to add romance to your Wedding and can also act as a centerpiece be creative and use different size candles clustered together for the center of the table, floating candles in small glass bowls with crystals, beads or pearls look amazing.

Go natural and have a baskets filled with fruit, potted flowering plants are also popular at the base of the pots write a number and on each table have a number on place cards. At the end of speeches have someone on the table look at the base and the guest with the number on each corresponding table takes home the potted plant and a memento of the day.

Beach themed weddings-

– On each table place a sand filled pail with seashells and a pin will.

– Goldfish in a fishbowl with colored rocks an use the same method as I mentioned with the potted plant.


When using balloons as your wedding centerpiece always use odd numbers on tables and make sure that they are not in the way of conversations at the table, Balloon topiaries are perfect for tables remember to tie in with your color theme.

One of my favorite centerpieces is ice sculptures are so elegant are definitely a "wow factor"
I recently had a client that had roses inside a cube ice sculpture placed on every table they were amazing and had guests talking about the wedding centerpieces literally all night, the flowers tied in with the color theme and the sculptures added a romance to the table.

The list is endless once you start to use your imagination on what you could use as your wedding centerpiece.

You could easily spend a fortune on your wedding centerpiece, you do not have to in fact creating your own is one of the easiest ways to cut costs, here a few of my favorite do-it-yourself decorating ideas that would work with almost any theme.

-Create A wedding centerpiece by tying three helium balloons to a matchbox covered in metallic paper and filled with sand to act as a weight

-Use Potted plants

-Add Floating flowers, such as daises to terra cotta bowls

-Create Balloon topiary trees- blow up six balloons, tie them together two at a time to form a round ball, then attach them to a long wooden dowel, and weight the dowel in its base with sand or plaster

-Take A large candle, then wax mould it onto a wooden baseboard, decorate and add scattered flowers.