Wedding Ceremony Unity Candles

Wedding unity candles are a traditional part of any wedding ceremony and celebration. Unity candles comes in many styles to suit any occasion. Below are just a few of the most popular Unity Candles.

The Modern Square Pillar Candles and Taper Candles, in whites and dulls go with any color tone and any party theme. These truly create a sensual and lovable ambience for the occasion.The Double Ring Unity and Taper Holders in sparkling brass and silver metals, give an elegant base and a rich artistic support for various designer candles to hold on until the last burn of the wick.

The melting wax that falls on the holders further gains the effect and adds a tint of antiquity to the wedding party. Accessories including the interlocking rings at the base and the taper holders render a must-have appeal for ring bearers and bridesmaids.

The Sweethearts Forever Ceremony Candles bear artically created hearts inspired by the hand colored photographs of ace photographers. The perfect background illustrations and lace details with ribbon and mauve resin flowers featuring the base, provide a resplendent ambience, including a unique appearance on the wedding tableops. A western panorama is created in your wedding ceremony with specially themed Western Fringe Ceremony Candles.

These uniform pillar candles are neatly draped in special silk cord, silk rope miniature white Stetson and two horseshoes that symbolize good luck and fortune in future endeavors. The silver-plated unity candle holder with a heart motif is yet another unique way of expressing the relationship of love, passion, and idyllic communion amidst an atmosphere that is full of fun and frolic.

Completely styled for those rare occasions of your wedding ceremony including bridal shower and ring bearer occasion, are the set of frosted votive candles right imbued with the spirit of Love, Joy, Hope, Faith, and Trust. The Clear Glass Candle Holder is an ideal match for frosted votive candles that not only provide a stringent support base to this tender and subtly designed candle, but also inspire a romantic and passionate mood for the special day.

These are mostought after gift ideas for guiding the way of guests through the aisle, along garden settings in a traditional wedding ceremony.The tarnish resistant Silver Plated Interlocking Heart Taper Candle holder has a tough and antique looks bearing two subtly designed heart shapes interlocked to symbolize unity, love and affection.

The exclusive candle gift ideas also include winter wonder ceremony candles, to become one unity candle, 50th anniversary unity candle, pearl unity candle, double heart ivory unity candle, enchanting moments white unity candle set and many more to give the wedding ceremony that extra flavor and sparkle.For the traditional Church ceremony these wonderful and elegant

Unity Candles are just the perfect choice. When the meaning of two that become one "Unity Candles" these candles make great keepsake items of your special day.