Weight and Age: The Link

All About Our Ideal Body Weight

Exploring the link between weight and age? Really now, how are the two connected? Basically, the link between these two factors is described as health – one will be able to tell just how healthy he is if his body weight corresponds with his current age as well as his other health factors. Want to know how this is possible? This is possible through calculating the body mass index or the BMI.

What is the Body Mass Index (BMI)?

The body mass index or BMI is basically the ratio of a body's weight to the person's age as well as its height. The basic formula for the BMI is the body's mass in kilograms, over the body's height in meters. The height should be squared, or, in other words, multiplied by itself. For example, if his height is about 10 meters, then it should be presented there as 100.

There are also body mass index calculators to help a person out. The body mass index calculator would usually be asking a person what his current weight is, his gender, as well as his age currently is. Then, the software will instantly come up with results, which will tell if the body's current condition can be classified as obese, malnourished, or normal, and what his body's current weight should be. If availed of through the World Wide Web, sometimes, the results of the BMI calculator would even come up with suggestions as to how the person could bring the weight up or down.

So, how does one know through the body mass index calculator if he is healthy or not? As follows: if the BMI result is more than 30, that means the person is obese. If it is in the middle of 25 and 30, he is overweight. If it is below 18.5, it means the person is underweight. The ideal body condition is, if it comes up with a result of 18.5 to 25 in the BMI calculator.

Reaching the Ideal Weight No Matter What the Age

So, how does a person make sure that his body mass index would always be just as it is meant to be? One way, of course, is to maintain his ideal weight. This will be achieved only when the person goes out of his way to favor an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary one. The person involved does not need to join any sporting club or even go to the gym daily just to do this; Just making sure that daily exercise as well as constant movement is fulfilled would be enough. Also, he must watch his caloric intake and take care to keep portion sizes on the plate just enough to satisfy his hunger.