Weight Lifting Belts

Weightlifting is a dangerous sport since it involves stretching the human body to lift large weights that the human body is not naturally suited for. Here, the body always faces a constant possibility of injury.

Apart from the muscle stress and harm, weightlifters risk a more dangerous type of injury; an injury to their backbone. Weightlifting belts are the most important accessory for weightlifters, because backbone injuries are seldom fully curable. Once a problem sets in, the severe pain it entails can adversely affect the quality of life of the affected person. Belts are used in weightlifting competitions and training proggrams as a protection against injury. This belt is worn over a person? S back and is usually meant to support the lower back from the onslaught of the excessive weights that the individual lifts. This prevails many short term and long term injuries from happening to the individual.

In competitive events, these belts are either mandatory nor prohibited with the choice being left to the weight lifters. However quite a few weightlifters wear them as a precaution to prevent undue injury to their backbones. In professional weightlifting circuits, there have been mixed reactions and reviews about the wearing of belts. As a benefit, it prevents physical injuries. However, it has been argued that these belts end up fooling the lifter into assuming that since they are wearing the belt as support, they would be able to lift more weight than what they are actually capable of. This attitude can however be changed with proper coaching.

Most experts advise that a weightlifter should be wearing a belt in a competiton. However, it is a good idea to wear them at all times while training. When using them during competitions, it is better not to give in to temptations of lifting greater weights.