Weight Lifting For Beginners – Tips And Pointers

Weight lifting and muscle building is a fad that will never go out of fashion. Most men, especially young boys, generally of a late teen age group begin weight training in their vacations with such gusto! However there are minor details that one does not wholly understand or know of when they embark on this juncture. While looking good and having a good body is an important aspect for many, avoiding injury and doing things the right way should also be a major concern. There are certain techniques and methods that need to be followed while muscle training especially by beginners.

Before one enrolls for gym and decides to go in for a routine full of weight lifting, one must spend a little time understanding the human body. It is natural human tendency to expect more that what can be achieved. You will find plenty of information on the human body and how to go about weight training. You must read through these blogs and websites and enter the gym with an informed and knowledgeable person. Of course your gym instructor will help you out with a few tips and pointers. Make sure you listen to him and follow his instructions.

A good body requires exercise, a healthy diet and enough of sleep and rest. You must pay attention to your diet. It should have enough protein and carbohydrates and fiber in it. You must consume more protein while you are working out so that the wear and tear and muscle building is well supplemented.

An ideal routine consists of alternate cardio workout and weight training. You must do cardio vascular workouts one day followed by weight training on the next day. Sundays are for rest. You should not work out on Sundays and allow your body to repair and rejuvenate itself. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of rest each day.

While weight training, always listen to your body. Do not start with lifting extremely heavy weights. Always start light and increase the poundage with every passing workout. Work your way up. A warm up is extremely essential before you start workout. Always do some stretches before and after the workout.

Free hand exercises are the best to build endurance and muscle. Endurance is also a very important aspect of training.

Do not overwork your body. Always train only till failure point and not further than that. Training beyond failure may lead to injury. Always train in circuits. Do not arbitrarily train your muscle groups. There is a method to training. For example, if you decide to do an upper body workout, you must do your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back only. Your chest can take up another day. Your trainer is your best friend on the gym floor. Make sure you pay attention to what he is saying and do only that. Keep your postures right while pumping iron. Wrong postures may also lead to injury. Keep yourself hydrated while weight training!