Weight Lifting Gloves – Don’t Lift Weights Without Them

Before lifting another heavy barbell, you better have weight lifting gloves in handy. These are designed to prevent injuries to your hand bones and muscles when lifting heavy loads. Aside from that, they help prevent minor injuries like calluses, swelling, and blisters. In short, they protect your hands during weight training.

Characteristics of the glove

Weight lifting gloves are usually designed to cover the whole palm but leaving the fingers exposed. Pick out a solid pair made from comfortable fabric that allows sweat from your hands to evaporate. The fabric should also provide you with a good or better grip to prevent slipping and unnecessary injuries from freak accidents caused by improper use of free weights.

Pick out your glove

There are three types of weight lifting gloves you can choose from made of different fabrics like nylon, leather and neoprene.

Neoprene is a tough synthetic fabric and is usually breathable and lightweight but still provides an excellent grip. Nylon is light and durable but not necessarily breathable. Be careful in choosing nylon because some varieties are slippery and smooth, making it hard to gain a proper grip on the free weights. Leather, on the other hand, is made of sheepskin, goat skin or synthetic leather. Leather gloves are lined with nylon or spandex at the edges and are heavier compared to nylon and neoprene. However, they prove to be more durable and lasts longer than the two aforementioned varieties.

If the glove fits…

Your gloves should have a snug fit but is still comfortable for your hands, allowing blood circulation and movement for your fingers. Make sure there is appropriate padding made of soft and breathable material. Sweating is normal during workout so pick gloves with absorbent fabric.