Weight Loss – Factors That Affect the Rate of Weight Loss

One thing that puzzles many dieters is how some people can lose weight at an extremely quick pace, while others seem to struggle onwards week after week.

What makes some people practically shed the pounds effortlessly while others cannot seem to have any luck?

There are a few factors that can contribute to the weight of weight loss you may experience.

Here are the big ones to consider.

Amount of Lean Body Mass

The first determinant of how quickly you lose weight will be the amount of lean body mass you have. If you’re relatively light, you aren’t going to require all that many calories to maintain your weight, hence you’ll have to eat even fewer calories to lose weight.

Those individuals who are have a very muscular build will be able to consume more calories on a daily basis and therefore will not have to diet quite so hard to get weight loss moving.

Unintentional Daily Activity

The next factor that will come into play in terms of how easily it is for you to lose body weight is how ‘unintentionally active’ you are. This basically means how much you walk around during the day, how much you get up out of your chair, how many times you take the stairs versus the elevator and so


Those people you see who are always fidgeting along are usually the ones that produce the greatest daily calorie burn, thus weight loss becomes much easier for them.

Hormonal Profile

Finally, the last factor that relates to how quickly you’ll find yourself losing weight is the hormonal profile you have in your body.

For example, when you diet hard for a long period of time, you’re more likely to experience what’s known as a ‘metabolic slow-down’. Virtually this is your body sensing that it’s running low on fuel and switching to conservation mode.

For you, this means a rapidly decreasing fat loss rate and increased difficulty even getting the scale to budge.

In order to fix this solution, you’ll have to restore certain hormones – namely leptin, back to a healthy level where the body no longer feels as though it’s really struggling to survive.

The best way to go about doing this is to incorporate in daily or weekly ‘cheat’ or refeed meals, as these will give the body a good reason to start burning calories again.

If instead you just continue to diet hard, you’re likely to find that it’s not going to matter much what you do – that weight is there to stay.

So, keep these three main points in mind. Weight loss can be a lot easier than you think if you learn to optimize your body to get the results you’re looking for.