Weight Plates – Choosing Plates for Your Home Gym

Usually made of cast iron, steel, or any other heavy-duty metal, weight plates are considered as the best addition for a full range intensity exercise with barbells. With different weights available that can amount to even more than 100 pounds, they can enhance your free weight training so your muscles can become stronger and more flexible in performing other exercises.

Pick your plate

Whether it's Olympic or standard, there are weight plates designed to fit your strength and endurance training needs. The Olympic weight plate is used for professional weightlifting competitions. These plates have holes at the center that is 2 inches in diameter so they can fit into 7-foot barbells.

If you have free weights in your home or personal gyms, then the standard plates are for you. These are made of plastic-coated or bare cast iron and the holes on their center are an inch in diameter to fit 6-foot barbells.

Buying your plates

Consider the following criteria when buying weight plates: grip and protective coating.

A lot of plates come with rubber or plastic coatings to protect the edges and preventing it from damaging the floor. Plastic plates tend to be less durable and can come off in chunks, making the weights inaccurate. Over time, the plastic can also loosen and shift over, so it is highly recommended to choose rubber-encased plates instead because they are more reliable and durable.

Choose a weight plate that you can grip firmly. Choose plates with hollow sides that serve as handles, or those that are ribbed to keep the plate from slipping. Rubber-encased plates are recommended for those with sweaty or clammy hands.