Welding Fabrics Using Battery Powered Heat Guns

The heat gun is an extremely versatile tool and can even be used for fabric welding. The restricted hot air blasting from the heat gun helps fuse sheets of plastic tarpaulins together creating an impermeable seam that is capable of withstanding stress while in use. The seam therefore becomes as strong as the original material because the heat gun melts the fabric together.

Plastic sheets can be welded together to make tarpaulins and customize them for a large number of uses. With the heat gun this can be done faster than usual and the process becomes extremely easy. This helps you to make customized pieces of durable plastic sheets in practically no time at all. The added benefit is that you can use such customized pieces for a variety of tasks as the tasks may require different sized plastic sheets. Many people use such plastic sheets to make covers for their boats or trucks and other such vehicles. With your heat gun you can therefore create a cover to shield your goods while in transit.

To weld two pieces of plastic fabric into one you need to cut both pieces according to the required size with an inch and a half of extra material to be used while making the seam. The next step is to lay the sheets out making sure that the extra material overlaps by an inch. A slit nozzle is then attached to the heat gun and the hot air produced from it should be directed over the overlapping material so that it melts and is welded into one piece. You will then need a feed roller to press the area of ​​the seam.

With a heat gun you will realize the potential to create customized pieces of sheeting that can be put to a variety of uses. They can range from vehicle covers to coverings for your patio. With the many diverse uses of a heat gun one of which is to weld together two pieces of fabric, you will be able to use this instrument in a vast way.