We're Movin 'On Up – Packing Supplies Must-Have

It's amazing to think all of your household goods, prized possessions, and furniture can be literally packed and moved to somewhere new. To ensure your household arrives in good condition (including yourself and your family), make sure you have purchased the right packing supplies. Your time and money are valuable – so purchase supplies that will help cut down on work and expense on the other end.

After considering what items will be moved (think of moving as an opportunity to streamline your life and possessions of clutter with a garage sale or trip to Goodwill), identify those items that require specialized packing. These items might be fragile, possess awkward shapes, or be larger pieces that will be harder to move. Take measurements of these items, make a list, and then go shopping.

You may purchase your packing supplies at a local retailer, but for the best prices and variety, consider the Internet. Some online packing suppliers deal with larger companies, so make sure you will be able to purchase smaller quantities. One place you might be able to save money is with moving boxes. Many grocery or liquor / wine stores have boxes available for free. Give the store manager a few weeks notice so he or she can put aside what you need. Keep in mind though that retail boxes do tend to be larger and can be more difficult too pack your items in strictly.

Moving kits or packing kits can be purchase which include everything you need for a particular room or the entire household. They would include small, medium, and large moving boxes, heavy duty boxes, an electronics box, unprinted newswrap, bubblewrap, and sealing tape.

For specialty items such as large mirrors, framed artwork, and computers and printers, specialty boxes are also available and come with the option to purchase frame protectors. Lamp boxes, guitar boxes, mattress and crib boxes are some of the other specialty packing supplies available online. File boxes are another smart choice to keep documents sorted and sealed during the move. Hanging wardrobe boxes come in various sizes, each with a metal bar and shaped like a wardrobe. Some movers use these boxes to move chandeliers or other items that are better to move hanging than flat.

It's a good idea to invest in a few other moving accessories. Prevent the frustration of lost scissors and marks by creating a package materials box so all of your supplies are within easy reach. To prevent having to wash items after you've moved, use plain newsprint or brown paper to wrap items. Items such as foam, stretch wrap, inflatable bags, and peanuts provide extra protection, protect surfaces, and fill empty spaces inside your moving boxes. Custom-printed labels can be created to suit your needs, such as "Fragile," "Kitchen," or "This End Up." You will also find various sizes of blank labels prepared on a single sheet that can be printed right from your own computer. The blank version is cheaper and versatile. Make sure your moving toolkit has a good set of box cutters, as they are an essential resource for good, durable, safe moving supplies.

Once you're set with your packing supplies, pack ahead anything that you do not need. For instance, if it's summer, pack all of your winter clothes. Or box up your extra televisions and / or radios. Pare down cooking utensils and food supplies to the bare essentials. Use wastebaskets to pack items in while replacing them with plastic grocery bags to collect trash. For more personal items, use brightly colored storage tote boxes, one for each person. Allow family members to fill them with items they will want to access right away in the new house. Items may include a set of sheets, towel, nightlights, travel cosmetics, etc.

While moving may not be the most fun you've ever had (how can anything compare to that beach vacation?), Planning ahead goes a long way towards your peace of mind and making the process more bearable. It's important to stay focused and take time to be excited about the upcoming change.