West Bengal Assembly Election in 2011

The year 2011 is probably the biggest year in political prospective for West Bengal. The Assembly Election is scheduled to take place 2011. Although the date of election is not declared yet but we all know the name of the upcoming chief minister of the state. After the successfully dominant the state for 34 years by the Left Front Government they are about to taste their defeat in 34 years in assembly election.

The Left front government in West Bengal is one of the longest running successful government in the world? In 1977 people of Bengal elected Jyoti Basu,who passed away recently, and his team of efficient people to run the state. The main agenda of the successful government of West Bengal was the betterment of the society, mainly the poor people. They have done everything perfectly and they have huge mass support till 2007. But after taking some steps towards Industrialization and some faulty land acquisition the left front government loss their support.

In 2007 during the Nandigram Mass killing and the main opposition party of west Bengal All India Trinamool Congress headed by Mamata Banerjee managed to gather huge support of people and win their trust by taking some steps for the betterment of the poor people. After that incident in all election from Panchayat, Assembly By-election, Lok Sabha election and in civic pool they defeated left front. The people of Bengal want change. They not only want change in leadership, they also want change in our society.

In 15th Lok Sabha election in 2009 the All India Trinamool Congress won 19 seats out of 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in West Bengal. In 2010 Civic pool election Mamata Benerjee and her party defeated left front government and won in more than 50% of Municipality.

The communist government of West Bengal gets some time to regain their power in many parts of the states. They have changed their strategies and try to reach more and more people. It’s Now 50-50 Battle between the Communist Government and Trinamool Congress.