Westhollow Laminate Flooring Will Improve Your Home

Laminated flooring is gaining in popularity every year because of it’s high quality and durability at a low price. Westhollow laminate flooring compares well to companies like Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong, Mannington, Alloc, Nirvana, Kronoswiss  and Floor Trends while bringing it’s own unique qualities and patterns to the consumer. The Westhollow collection of wood laminate floors is extensive with 11 attractive ranges to choose from. This company is unique because it uses up to 90% real wood and wood products in its laminate flooring.

Westhollow laminate flooring combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology to give the consumer a floor with durability, beauty and value that makes it one of the leading providers of laminated flooring for business and residential uses. They are involved in the whole manufacturing process for better quality control. Because of their manufacturing processes, their wood laminates look more like solid wood and has a richer look. The wear layer on Westhollow laminate flooring goes from 8mm in the beginning ranges to 12 mm in the higher ranges of patterns. That is impressive.

You will have an easier time installing Westhollow laminate flooring because of their own Uniclic installation system. It requires no glue or nails and is a floating floor that can be installed over old vinyl, cement, ceramic or wood. The required foam underlay can be purchased in rolls to be installed before laying the laminate, or attached to the back of each plank on some ranges of patterns. Attached underlay is more expensive, but saves on time and labor. There is a great installation kit available that has spacers and the tool to help you click the planks together without damaging them and more. The only other tools needed are a saw and a hammer. You will be leaving a small space all around the exterior edges of the room for expansion. There is very little waste because of the staggered seams and 4 foot lengths of planking.

You can wait for your local flooring distributor or building center to have a sale on laminated flooring, or look for flooring liquidator and discount stores. They are in many cities and on the Internet. They sell discontinued, overstock and slightly damaged flooring at highly discounted prices. For these cheap prices, just be sure to buy enough to do your whole project plus some, because they have limited quantities and can’t order more.