What A Beautiful Tan! Did You Just Ski Aspen?

Ski tans are in and skiing is big business. Last year, just the State of Colorado enjoyed a record 12.53 million skiing days and took in some 2.5 billion dollars, and they are expecting even more this skiing season. That is big and still growing.

This winter there will be millions of healthy, athletic, beautiful people sporting ski tans during the winter skiing season. The rich and famous spend small fortunes to ski at exotic locations such as Aspen. And, when they return home they show off those magnificent ski tans to the envious pale people.

Wouldn’t you like to belong to the upper class and show off your personal Aspen ski tan to your friends this winter?

Just where did this tanned skin envy come from?

Less than a century ago – pale skin was upheld as the mark of the upper class. Pale skin then separated the elite from dark tanned farm workers and outdoor laborers. After all, one needed to be rich in order not to have to be employed working in the sun. Then in the post war 50’s, wealthier families began vacationing in the sun belt and returning home with beautiful tans. This changed the acceptance from pale to bronzed skin. Now wealthy means having enough money and leisure time to relax on a beach sun tanning while the pale folks labor away indoors as retail, manufacturing and office workers.

In the late seventies, tanning beds came to America and the indoor tanning business exploded into a multi-billion dollar business. Tanning Salons are now seemingly outnumbered in locations only by fast food venues and convenience stores. There is no question that people enjoy getting their tans in the relaxing and much safer tanning beds of the new millennium. To drive this viewpoint home, scantily clad, full body tanned advertising models can be seen in all the media.

Full body tans are wonderful for those who have the time and expendable resources to go to and enjoy their favorite tanning salon or spa.

Others want to belong and want to look just as beautiful as anyone around them. But, they have to go to work to earn their income. When all the world sees them in their fully clothed working mode, their beautiful ski tan serves them just as well as a covered up full body tan. Their peers are still as jealous and full of envy as if the ski tan were a full bodied tan.

When others ask about their Apen ski tan, they just tell them “Thank You.” And then they explain that Aspen is nestled high in the Elk Mountains branch of the Rockies and for good reason – has long been known as the playpen of the rich and famous. Aspen and its sister town of Snowmass Village service four major ski areas (Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, and Buttermilk.) The average snowfall for the area is 200 inches.

Aspen Mountain rises above the town of Aspen, with a top elevation of 11,215 feet; a vertical drop of 3,267 feet; 673 acres of skiable area, with 76 runs and 8 lifts including one cable car line. Aspen Mountain is the premiere ski resort in the Aspen area, catering to advanced skiers with difficult runs. (Terrain:: No beginner trails; intermediate, 48 percent; expert, 52 percent.)

Aspen Highlands has 790 acres of skiable area with a vertical drop of 3,635 feet. There are 131 runs and 5 lifts. (Terrain: beginners, 18 percent; intermediate, 30 percent; expert 52 percent.)

Buttermilk is a small resort in the Aspen-Snowmass resort complex. Buttermilk Ski Resort has 420 acres of skiable area with a vertical drop of 2,030 feet, 41 runs and 7 lifts. Buttermilk caters heavily to snowboarders Buttermilk as the world’s longest terrain park with two full miles of features including a super pipe, more than 30 rails, and a beginner sections.

Also, Buttermilk heavily caters to beginner skiers with slopes that are friendly to newcomers to the sport, and is home to a world-renowned ski school. (Terrain: beginners, 35 percent; intermediate 39 percent; expert 26 percent.)

Snowmass ranks among the top 10 resorts in America in size, and it’s the second-largest in Colorado (after Vail). It covers more than 3,100 acres of skiable area with a vertical drop of 4,406 feet the longest vertical drop in the United States, 84 runs and 20 lifts.

Snowmass also offers Cross-country skiing, the first run of the day tours, naturalist-guided ski/snowboard tours, powder tours and naturalist-guided snowshoe tours.

For those into extreme skiing there is the Grand Traverse beginning in Crested Butte, Colorado.

There one can ski over the mountains to Aspen on a perilous 12-hour journey risking avalanches and total exhaustion.

The Aspen ski area is located about 220 miles West from Denver on Interstate 70 and is among the most popular ski destinations in the entire West becoming celebrity central in winter . The surrounding peaks are some of Colorado’s most breath taking and picturesque.

Christmas in Aspen is especially wonderful! There are plenty of shopping opportunities to pick up that last minute gift Plus there are many retail outlets and Ashcroft Ghost Town, Silver Circle Ice Skating Rink and even Sun Dog Athletics snowshoeing.

While Aspen has much to offer skiers, as well as those who enjoy the night life in a ski town, they should expect lots of crowds and lift lines on the slopes. This is the playpen of the rich and

famous, and many people choose this ski vacation spot simply for that reason as well as for the great runs, nightlife and beautiful ski tans.

With over 100 restaurants and many outdoor decks, one can obtain a beautiful ski tan while enjoying a fine meal outdoors.

The best news of all, you do not even have to go to Aspen to get your Aspen ski tan. For less than the round trip airfare, you may well be able to purchase your own sun lamp and use it as a facial tanner in the comfort, safety and security of your own home to obtain your beautiful ski tan.

And, not for just a weekend – for many years.

Think of your new beautiful Aspen ski tan just like you do your hair coloring, only your beautician needs to know.

Happy Ski Tanning!!!