What About a Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

A string of questions vehicle owners contemplating converting their vehicle to a water car may include: Are you serious? How can you run your car on water? How much does it cost to convert your car run on water? Is a water power car safe? If I drive a hydrogen powered vehicle, what kind of mileage will I achieve, and what are the specifications?

It is shocking, but, you can set a water power car up for under $100. If you plan on doing the conversion as a do-it yourselfproject, you will need a conversion kit as well as detailed instuctions. A hardware store or auto supply store will have the fittings you need if you don’t already have these in your home garage. Covering a vehicle to run on water could be a project you undertake on your own with hiring a professional. It will take only a couple of hours to complete the kit if you havae the right conversion kit and detailed instructions.

An interesting question car owners wonder is how can a car run on water and does it really work? Is it legit? Yes! In easy to understand terms, the water conversion kit is a reliable, well researched technology that dates back as far as stainless steel. Water can be separated into a gas with capabilities obtained from the electricity of a car battery. (HHO or Hydroxy) burns effectively and also supplies plenty of energy; water is also produced as a result. The atomic powers of hydrogen stabilize the water. The excellent news is that you simply require one quart of water to make no less than 1800 gallons of HHO gas which must sufficiently give you adequate fuel for months!

Though you might find it difficult to believe, a car powered by water is safer than those powered by the usual gasoline. In automobile accidents gas powered vehicles present the dangerous possibility of bursting into flames fed by the fuel used in their combustion engines. However, as water is non-combustible, water-powered vehicles are much safer. Additionally, conversations kit may be removed from vehicles without voiding the manufactures warranty.