What an A Frame Ladder Can Do For You

An A frame ladder allows the user to elevate at a minimum of four feet from the ground. This type of ladder is usually preferred because of its wider steps which provide more stability for the user. A frame ladders are also easy to store since it can just be folded together. So if you are looking for a simple, functional yet non-complicated ladder, A-frame ladder is a good choice.

An A-frame ladder is an economical option if you are looking for a ladder to be used at home. It can provide enough elevation needed to reach any household fixtures found in higher areas. It is usually leaned against a wall or any durable surfaces for support. Just like the letter A, this type of ladder has two sides that are equal in length. It is the crossbar of the A frame that keeps the ladder standing and preventing it to collapse.

Although using an A-frame ladder is not as complicated as operating a heavy-duty industrial ladder, necessary precaution and basic knowledge is needed. A-frames can help you reach the ceilings easily but improper positioning can lead to disaster.

Here are some safety tips to follow before mounting A-frame ladders:

  1. Before positioning the ladder, check if the surface is even. Do not place a ladder on top of another object.
  2. Make sure to adjust the foot pads in a way that the ladder will have an even contact with the ground.
  3. It is very important that you wear the proper footwear when climbing any ladder. The rungs can become too wet or oily during longer period of time.
  4. Before you start climbing make sure that there are no cracks or dentures. These minor details may lead to a tragic fall or accident.
  5. Make sure that the brace of the ladder is locked in place. Uneasy ladders can cause you to fall which could result to serious injuries or even death.
  6. Choose A-frames that can carry a workload of 300 lbs. maximum. The ladder will be able to support you and your equipment in a stable manner.
  7. Check if the ladder has all applicable OSHA ANSI A14.2 compliance standards. If it does not have any safety labels, your safety will be at risk.
  8. Check what material the ladder is made of; they can be made from aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Choose one that can best serves your purpose and needs. Wood may not be the best option if you are going to use the ladder more frequently.
  9. For easy storage and safe keeping, aluminum A-frame ladders are the best choice. Folding A-frames are available making it more portable and convenient to carry.
  10. Never stand on the top step of your A frames. This can cause the whole equipment to wobble and become unstable.
  11. Make sure that anything that you carry does not get stuck with the rungs.

If you are going to use a ladder to install Christmas lights, ceiling decors or any household fix, an A-frame ladder can work well with you. Your safety in using A frame ladders does not just rely on the product features but greatly depends on how you use it.