What are Attractor Fields?

There are a lot of therapies around today that owe their origins to Chinese Medicine. These treatments appear to be drawing more and more adherents as so many appear to grow disillusioned by an increasingly pharmaceutical dominated Western Medical profession. In the “Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” that first took written form some three thousand years ago there was a detailed description of acupuncture. This system of healing required the insertion of needles into specific pre-detemined locations along 12 minor and two minor energy channels that took the name meridians, which curiously enough is a geographical term.

In the early 1990s scientists made an interesting discovery when they came across a perfectly preserved corpse embedded in a glacier in the remote Oetz Valley in Austria. Seemingly the body was 5,000 years old, was approximately 45 years old at the time of death, what was fascinating, though, was the evidence that “Oetzi” as he was affectionately christened by his finders was suffering from arthritis amongst other things at the time of his death. There were a series of black markings on his body that aligned perfectly with the acu-points used today for the treatment of, yes, you have guessed it, arthritis. It seems that, the Europeans, too knew about the curative powers of acupuncture at the same time or if not before the Chinese. This suggests that if a particular healing technique has been around for five thousand years there must be something to it! Because if it did not work it would have been discarded a long time ago!

Jeff had been suffering from a prostate problem for quite a considerable time; the situation had reached such seriousness that he had to have a catheter. His brother in law offered to teach him a technique based on Chinese Meridian work that he had recently learned. Jeff agreed with alacrity as he was prepared to try anything at that stage. He was given a brief description of AFT or Attractor FieldTechniques and then his brother-in-law taught him the tapping points and asked him to carry out the routine on a daily basis. Four weeks later he reported back to say he was feeling very much better and that AFT had worked. Another lady tapped for a couple of weeks and found the corns on her feet had disappeared, and so it goes on!

AFT was developed by Dr Kurt Ebert and others and derives from the seminal work of American psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins who in 1973 co-authored with Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling the innovative “Orthomolecular Psychiatry”. Hawkins has spent a quarter of a century honing an extraordinary theory that he lays out in his book “Power versus Force. An Anatomy of Consciousness”, or the “Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour”, which first appeared in 1995.

In his book he explodes the myth that we live in a world inhabited by forces we can control. Instead Hawkins suggest we are influenced by unseen forces he calls “Attractor Fields”. These forces, he claims can be codified and present a hierarchy starting at 0 which signifies death and rising to 1,000 that intimates “Godhead”. Presumably the stratification is feasible because these Fields have differing vibrational frequencies. The forces not only shape our physical being but also form our mental/emotional states. They could supply explanations in areas where science has been unable to. Cellular differentiation is a case in point. Mendel and his successors have tried to explain this genetically, but I am afraid this explanation simply does not hold water for me. Every cell contains the same genetic information. So how is it possible then that one cell can go on and form brain tissue and another cell with the same information is able to make the nail on your big toe? Where is the commonality of connection here?

How then can we best explain Attractor Fields? British biologist Rupert Sheldrake came up with something very similar when he talked about M. or morphogenetic fields. He said these fields contained similar patterns of information and described the 100 Monkey syndrome. If one monkey starts to wash its food then other monkeys even in distant geographical areas begin to do the same. How is this information conveyed? We don’t really know but it could explain a lot of things. For instance in 1954 Roger Bannister was the first man to run a mile in four minutes. Once he had broken this barrier others were to follow in quick succession. It seems once someone had achieved the seeming impossible others learned to do the same thing, gathering their know-how from out of ostensible nowhere.

That takes us back to “Oetzi” and Chinese acupuncture. How was it something as complex as the treatment of illness by acupuncture could be known in two places as diversely different as the remote Oetz valley and China itself? They lie thousands of miles apart at a time when communications were barely possible, To travel to the next village was a major undertaking and to another region unheard of. So lets say there are pockets of information that circulate energetically through the ethers. This information floats from place to place without let or hindrance . This would make communications between Austria and China relatively easy, wouldn’t it? So let’s take it to the next step, shall we? Dr. Hawkins has identified fields of energy that correlate to specific mental/ emotional states. He has measured them and given them a hierarchy. For instance Level of Consciousness 20 relates to the field of shame and 30 to guilt. Ebert has identified a host of diseases that exist within each of the levels. Unsurprisingly the sexually transmissible diseases inhabit the pattern surrounding shame. Dr. Ebert shows that tapping on a series of acupuncture points sends an electric charge through the system. This charge raises the energetic rate, which then breaks down the energy field creating the problem. Neat isn’t it? Here is a simple healing technique that has proved itself effective in treatments as diverse as getting rid of the common cold to treating serious liver disorders. Want to know more?