What Are Bound Carpet Remnants?

There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the term “bound carpet remnants”, as people tend to confuse this with small area carpeting, and this is just not true. A bound carpet simply means that a roll of carpet is covered in paper or plastic, and bound with rope, twine, or tape, and is ready to be shipped. What they confuse it with is carpet binding, and that means to take a remnant or small piece of carpeting and sew edging around sides to make it into a useable area piece for the kitchen, breakfast nook, or wherever it will fit tastefully.

The one thing this buzz phrase is good for is when calling around and shopping for this type of carpeting, and you ask the rep on the phone what type of bound carpet remnants they have in stock. This means they just came in and have not usually been sitting around the store for very long. The reason they come this way, is that a carpet maker may have run out of that particle resource when weaving the carpet together, and they did not have enough to make a complete roll of standard length. Another possibility is that the carpet was special ordered and the order was canceled in the middle of production, and this is what was left of the production run.

Sometimes you can get lucky enough to call various shops and they will have the carpet types in this set up, and buy say purchasing three of the bound product you can have enough to carpet your entire house. This will only work usually if you are going after a very popular, or well know brand and color. But there can be problems even if the part numbers match, as the batch number might be different and the colors of the material may be slightly varied. If you are not too picky then this will work fine for your purposes. If you are getting ready to sell your home, then keep looking, as a discerning buyer will always notice the smallest details like this.

If you are looking to make runners that match through out the house, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one of these left over carpets, and have a company cut and bind the runner pieces to your specifications. This could save two or three hundred dollars if the service company does over charge for its labor. If there is any left over, have them make some small fitted pieces for the foyer, and the back door as well.