What Are Frameless Glass Doors and Glass Curtains?

Frameless glass doors are the same product as glass curtains. Glass curtains has been accepted throughout Europe as the brand name of this new product range. However, now the product has moved away from the balconies and terraces of Spain and is now becoming increasingly popular in Britain.

The concept behind this new product is that they will be completely frameless. Therefore allowing for an amazingly clear view even when closed. They do not use the conventional method to bi-folding or French doors. Instead the doors glide across an aluminum rail one by one to either side of the opening then one by one they pivot and stack to the side. This then allows for a nearly 100% opening which is the same attribute as bi-folds but without the frames.

OK now let’s get down to pricing. You would expect frameless glass doors to have a premium price tag but that is not the case. Glass curtains come in two forms, a single glazed and double glazed system. The single glazed which is currently becoming very popular is used as a glass partition. On the other hand the frameless patio door system which is to be realised in April will be able to be used for external projects. The single glazed system will work out at a slightly lower price than aluminum bi-folds and the double glazed system will have a slightly higher price tag to the aluminum bi-folding door.

The all important question of weather protection is crucial when creating an external system. How is this achieved? Well the double glazed frameless glass door is weather proof by using a compression lock on the side of the system which compresses each panel of glass tight together. In between the glass panels there is a clear plastic spacer which makes the gaps weather proof when the unit is compressed together.

So there you have it the frameless glass door, having the capability of being fully retractable as well as totally frameless. For further information Sunseekerdoors Ltd has its own website dedicated to this innovative new product range of glass curtains and frameless glass doors.

Sunseekerdoors Ltd is one of the only companies to manufacture all of their frameless glass doors in the UK.