What Are Good Cookers For Hiking?

There is a massive market when it comes to cookers for camping. Each cooker is designed for a specific purpose. You can get cookers which are able to cater for a big family, that are cheap to run but at the cost of something that is heavy and big. When you are hiking, there are a few things that you want to look for in a cooker. The first is that it needs to be compact. The average hiking backpack isn’t very big at all, and lugging a huge cooker around simply isn’t a good idea because it takes up too much space. The next thing that you need to consider is the weight. It’s recommended that you don’t ever take more than a third of your body weight when you go hiking, and having a heavy cooker will easily put you over that.

The best cookers that I have come across for camping are known as trangia cookers. They are basically a selection of pots and pans that are made of aluminum. They include a burner (usually metho spirits) which comes with a small bottle of fuel. You simply unpack it all, and with the windbreak that is provided you can easily cook your meals. These come in a range of difference sizes; ranging from ones for cooking small meals right through to 3 or 4 person cookers.

Make sure that you get something that is going to suit your needs; too small or too big will cause you to have issues. A portable Gas Cooker might also be another option, but you want to find something that is light weight and small. You can actually buy small propane gas canisters which screw onto small gas cookers, which are good too. These can also be used with trangia’s, which is handy.