What Are Stair Elevators?

There are number of ways that you can bring your love ones from one floor level to another. Lifting him manually is one. However, this means of transportation can possibly lead to accidents. This can be an impractical procedure for physically challenged people to reach inclined places and raised surfaces.

Stair elevators are one means of transferring a handicapped person from one place to another conveniently, safely and securely. They are improvised lifting machines that have been serving consumers for almost a century. Stairlift elevators are very functional and can make life easy and worthy of living for disabled people.

This is a kind of handicapped lifting machine that is commonly attached on stairs. They are controlled using a chair-mounted, wall-mounted and even remote control buttons. One common type of stair elevator is the stair lift. Stairlifts are chairs with motors that are installed in a railing system fixed on the stair treads.

Stair lifts are available into two categories, the straight and the curved stair lifts. Straight stair lifts, as it name suggests is installed in stairs, which are straight. They are cheaper in price and installation would not be a problem. Straight stair lifts can be installed in just a few days.

The other type of stairlift, which is the curved one are mounted on staircases, which has curves, bends and turns. They are costlier compared to the straight ones and installation can reach few weeks to be completed. Renting curved stairlifts or purchasing a second hand curved lift unit can be very rare. This is because each curved stairlift is uniquely mounted in each stairway.

One type of stair elevator is the wheel chair platform lift. Folks who are confined in disability chairs uses wheel chair lifts. They are the same with commercial wheelchair lifts but are smaller in size. Typically, you have to have a wide staircase to mount a platform lift machine.

Stairlifts has special features that can be very beneficial for you and for your love ones. There are stair elevators, which can be folded when not in use. Stair chair lifts with special obstruction sensors are also more appealing. It automatically stops when it sensed obstructions, keeping your love ones safe and sound.

When you are to purchase a stair elevator, you can surf the Internet for a more complex research. You can find several manufacturers on line, but a wise selection should be done first. Typically medicare and other medical insurance do not cover the fee for paying stair lift fees, but in some cases they tend to pay partial payment of the total cost of the elevator. For more reasonable payment terms, you can ask your medical insurance representative about covering the expenses of purchasing a stair elevator unit.