What Are The Benefits of the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

The Stack and Tilt swing pretty much amazed the masses since it’s introduction in June 2007. It was developed by the well-known PGA Tour instructors, Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. It was a swing designed to maximize the ball’s flight and how straight it will fly into the air.

To give you a clearer understanding of how it works. Just think of what happens if you putt your golf ball. In a putt, the ball actually goes straighter. However, not all swings can do just that, others make the ball drive farther. So, basically, the stack and tilt is meant to be the combination of both at its best. It keeps the ball straight but also helps to gain enough distance to keep the score as low as possible.

So, how does this work? Well, a solid stance is the basis of an effective stack and tilt swing. The goal here is to maximize the golfer’s ability to consistently control where the club hits. Therefore, the golfer must stand centered over the ball. Shoulders must be aligned to the hips while doing this. As the backswing comes, golfer must swing his hands inward and remain packed in throughout the swing. It is a must not to shift the shoulders or hips back.

Then, as the downswing begins, hips must be kept tucked underneath while leaning a little bit on the front leg. The feeling should be like swinging down on the ball and not laterally touching it. Then, spring the ball up as you release your hips and don’t let your head go forward when doing so. To know that you have done the swing properly, the shoulders should be square at the point of impact. Finally, just finish the motion and continue to push your hips forward. It is okay to stretch out your arm in order to complete the swing and release tension.

I know. It’s not that easy to master. But practically everyone is raging about it because a lot of benefits can be seen as compared to the more traditional swing. One benefit is that it keeps your weight on your foot thereby improving consistency. Second, it allows your shoulders to swing in a circular motion, thus, keeping the swing more natural and clean. Third, it also prevents slicing because of sliding the hips for the swing. And lastly, it adds more power to your swing without putting that much force into it.

Upon reading this article you were able to know what a stack and tilt swing is and how it works. You have also been given some of the benefits of the swing as compared to others. However, the process of learning should not stop here. Practice will always be the best teacher to perfect a sport.