What Are the Current Fashion Trends in Designer Eyeglass Wear?

Today’s eyeglasses are as diverse and colorful as any fashion accessory and they can come in a variety of shapes colors and styles. Whether or not it was the advent of the soft contact lens that caused this evolution, one thing is for sure. People who have to pass up contacts to wear glasses don’t have to worry about being fitted with unattractive frames – even bi-focal lenses have gotten an overhaul!

Gone are the boxy and unbecoming spectacles of yesteryear, replaced by frames that can compliment any face shape, with shapes sizes and hues for almost every occasion!

Aviator sunglasses

Once a male dominated territory, aviator sunglasses are now hip for women to wear too! Well known for their “wrap around” style, they were originally created to meet the needs of plane pilots in the 1920’s. Now they come in a diverse range of shades and are even available by prescription. Modern aviators are even a bit sleeker than their ancestors, primarily because they no longer serve the primary need of being protective. This means that they can fit almost any facial frame.

Glasses for eveningwear

You can still be the belle of the ball and wear a pair of eye glasses. Sophisticated lenses can offer a sexy silhouette that will compliment velvet, satin, silk or lace. You may even be able to find a pair that matches a particular dress or accessories, for example, diamond studded frames can go along with diamond studded earrings and necklaces. The added appeal of wearing such glasses is that you will look both seductive and intelligent simultaneously – something that will turn heads. For men, such glasses could make them appear stately and distinguished.

Rhinestones and Funky colors

Glamour and sparkle can jazz up any outfit which is why eyeglasses that offer these accents are being bought up like hotcakes! These glasses are usually casuals and can be dressed up or down depending on the size and shape. If you are going to buy lenses that are funky or zany in style, don’t spend a ton of money on them. Why? Well, you would hate to spend $300 dollars on a pair of corrective eyewear that you can only pull out with certain outfits. Fun decorative glasses should be inexpensive, unless you know you will be wearing them quite often.

Designer names and labels

Liz Claiborne, Gucci, Modo, Ray-Bans are among the many well known names on the designer eyewear market. Although bit on the pricier end, such designer eye glasses and lenses offer great comfort and classic style. When looking for eyeglasses make sure you put an emphasis on the “classic” aspect of your purchases. Trends can come and go and you would hate to pay a lot of money for something that goes out of style in less than a year.

No matter the style, the designer, or the trend, be sure that you locate and buy a pair of eyeglasses that fits your face. You don’t want to walk around with a pair of glasses that is too big for you. This tends to make a person look a bit owlish. Likewise, a small spectacle on a large face just looks odd.

When in doubt, have your ophthalmologist help you try on frames until you are satisfied. You may find that the ones that look and feel the best are on the higher end price wise, but their purchase will be well worth it.

It was once said that boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses. With today’s choices, a lady can fashionably correct her vision in a way that makes this outdated sentiment a thing of the past!