What Are the Different Types of Iron Fireplace Screens?

There are at least three different types of this particular fireplace screen. These are wrought iron, cast iron, and steel. They are made from iron that has been heated to very high temperatures so that it becomes soft. The softened metal can then be pounded into different shapes. A wrought variation can be very beautiful, but do tend to rust easier than other types, so it is necessary to keep them primed and painted regularly.

The next type is cast iron. Cast iron is iron that has had small pieces of carbon and silicon added to it. The addition of these materials cause cast iron to be considered an alloy. The result is a very durable metal that lends itself well to being used in fireplace screens. Cast iron is more rust-resistant than wrought iron, and therefore may be easier to care for.

Steel is another iron alloy in which carbon and iron is mixed together. Steel can come in different types, one of which is known as "mild" steel. This is a very easy material to work with, and is suitable for iron fireplace screens as it can withstand heat.

No matter which type of iron fireplace screens you choose, you can find one that matches your interior decorating scheme. If your home is decorated on a modern format, brushed steel fireplace screens can be a beautiful addition to a room. The brush marks that are left in the steel actually serve as the design, and can add a very interesting touch.