What Are The Key Points To Develop A Country

The Key issues to develop a country

Development not only mean about the socio-economic development but also relevant to improvement of academic level, behavior, moral and ethical, cultural, urbanization, Development of womenfolk, Development of unemployment problem, Population explosion development, Development of living standard, interaction, communication, nutritional development for mothers and tiny-tots and development in every layer from alpha to omega.

Prof., Dr Yunus became a Noble Prize Laureate for the invention of micro-credit concept for the have-nots of our society. This concept has been materializing throughout the world for improving socio-economic condition. Many people have changed their lot by micro-credit loan through Grameen Bank. These are the issues, which have a lot of significance and should be considered to Bangladesh development perspective.

1. Academic development: We must start our journey from the grass root level for developing Bangladesh. Every child has to be ensured in regards to entry into School right from the primary level. Our way of education is not that perfect for many years in a row. As a result we are lagging behind from global competition. This is why; we have fallen behind and failed in developing our future generation through English competency. We need to bring some radical change in text curriculum so that our future off spring can flourish themselves in line with global competition. When we shall gain a good stride in academic arena synchronized with socio-economic development, behavior of people will ultimately change and people can live in amity with each other in the society.

Illiteracy is undoubtedly a curse to a nation. The progress of a nation cannot be thought of by keeping its people illiterate. It hampers the development of a country seriously and so we people are backward in every respect. As most of the people of our country are illiterate, they do not know how to apply scientific method in the field of agriculture to increase the production. They have no knowledge of family planning and as a result, population is increasing rapidly which is a hindrance to the development of a country. So, to remove illiteracy as well as to develop the country, we should erect more schools in different part of the country and to encourage the parents to send their kids to school. For adult education; night school should be set up, as well. Anti-illiteracy campaign should be launched to make the common people aware of the necessity of education. Thus it is only through education that a nation can reach the peak of prosperity.

Should we bring the whole country under academic progress to above average, people will happen to be changed ethically and if we obey all the rules and regulations of the government then it does not take more time to turn our country into God’s country.

2. Development of women-folk: The contributors of every human civilization are men and women. No pinnacle of success or development is possible without the participation of women in any society. They also can contribute to develop a society like men. So, gender discrimination must be avoided. We should have to ensure women education. We should not deprive them of their rights. They also can participate in all kind of work. They have to cross the bar of their household activities and take part in all the activities of social development. If they get proper education and facilities, they can bring a great change in education, administration, business and all other jobs to develop the country.

3. Poverty alleviation: Poverty is the second major bane to develop Bangladesh. Many NGOs are working countrywide to bottle up poverty by disseminating micro-credit loan among the poor people. But they should apply some exceptional contrivance to win poverty. Doing something creative by the unnecessary household articles can be another part of project. Say for example, Making Doll with plastic bottle, Toy Bus, Toy Car with kaolin or plastic edible oil’s can, Portable Garbage with unserviceable Bucket, Toy House with fibre-board carton or corrugated paper and wax and so many things in this way to rich our cottage and handicraft industry.

4. Development of unemployment problem: Unemployment problem is a common and third major crux of our country. New project should be launched to eliminate this problem. We should motivate the unemployed people to Bull Coarsen Project, Pisciculture, Horticulture, Apiculture, Goat Firming, Crab Farming and all other projects relevant to poverty emancipation. All these works are the emblem of patriotism.

5. Urbanization & Living standard development: The most integral part of development is to urbanize and to extend more fly-over in numbers to lessen traffic jam. Street separation should be given more consideration to smooth and free movement of vehicles; consequently traffic jam will gradually disappear. Building new project for the slum dwelling folks prior to evict them out should be brought under due consideration. For, our city corporations use to evict them before shifting them into a secure place. Consequently these people become shelter-less and they enmeshed with evil activities when dark fallen. The dire need is to rectify their way of life and employed them into work.

6. Nutritional development for mothers, tiny-tots and adolescent girls: Maternal development in our country is so poor that mothers do not get necessary protein in course of carrying child. And due to unavailable protein the expectant mothers and their post child confront lack of nutrition, consequently they give birth physically immature, weak, unfit and autistic child in the long run. In terms of adolescent girls who suffer from irregular anemia and those who suffer from run-down condition which is associated with the onset of puberty and sudden spurt of growth is fully or partially responsible due to irregular vaccination and lack of nutrition, as well. So, we have to resist early marriage and make them fully conscious about the knowledge of nutrition.

7. Population explosion development: In our country population is increasing by leaps and bounds. The present population is almost threefold in terms of the population were in the operation period 1971.We have to take survey in no time to estimate our present population with a view to retake action immediately so that the upcoming population shall coming close gradually at a normal rate of motion. We should start campaign on ‘One Child for one family which shall beget each child as an asset for the nation’ whether it is male or female. In a way, we shall have to toil untiringly for the reduction of population explosion from today undoubtedly.

8. Communication Development: Communication is of two parts I) Communication in person and ii) Electronic transmission. Communication through letter via post office has not been improved yet. Most of the urgent letters are delivered lingerly owing to sloth activity of postmaster and people use to fear dispatching commodities from one place to another as most of the time these goods are getting lost in course of transit. People became dependent on Courier instead of taking Postal service. Electronic communication through Internet has not improved due to lack of high-speed Internet facilities. So, development on postal service should be rejuvenated, on the other hand optical fiber cord for high-speed Internet have erected already but has not been implemented so far. Action should be taken immediately to spread fiber optic Internet cabal connection through out the country.

9. Cultural development: Cultural events are not to be seen as before. Practicing cultural programmes are reducing day in, day out. So, we have to motivate our people to stay in touch with cultural events like Pohela Baishak and so on.

The things that I paraphrased above are inimical to the overall development of Bangladesh. Actions ought to be taken as framework by considering the above-mentioned issues for the countrywide development. It goes without saying that if we able to apply these things as I stated above, the nation will never starve to death and national renaissance will possibly be in the offing. Because we cannot hold this spot forever, change is inevitable.

‘Thanking you in advance’

M. Anwarul Mostafa.