What Are the Most Popular Concrete Trucks?

A concrete truck is an efficient, quick, and versatile vehicle used in the process of transporting and blending a large volume of concrete. This type of truck comes in many different sizes and configurations to best match the requirements of the construction job. Here are four of the most popular concrete trucks:

Concrete pump

The concrete pump truck has the ability to accurately pour a high volume of concrete thanks to its pump system. This long pump system means it is possible to pour the concrete into the specific area without having to use the services of several workers to shovel the material into the desired location. Plus, the fast unloading time means a job is completed that much more efficiently and able to complete significantly more jobs compared to a standard concrete truck.

Standard transit

The standard transit concrete truck is one of the most commonly used for a wide range of applications. It has the ability to carry anything from 2 to 10 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete. Plus, this truck has the advantage of being highly maneuverable and has the ability to easily pour concrete to either side and up to a height of about 2.5 meters.


The volumetric concrete truck is a more versatile vehicle with the ability to combine the advantages of the mobile mixer and a batching plant. The rear concrete holder is split into multiple sections which mean it is possible to mix the right volume of fresh concrete as and when required. Because this truck has the ability to keep the raw materials separate and in an unmixed state, it has the potential to last a lot longer compared to the already mixed concrete. This is perfect for the small project, which doesn’t need a lot of ready mixed concrete to pour, and in the long run this helps to save money.

Rough Terrain

The rough terrain concrete truck is a rugged vehicle with the ability to travel the most difficult terrains. Built with a front operator’s cab and 4×4 wheel-drive, this type of truck is a reliable option to transport, mix, load, or pour a high volume of concrete. Plus, it is equipped with electronic-based weight batching tools to make it possible to easily create the right grade or consistency of concrete.

Overall, there is a wide range of concrete truck models that can provide a reliable piece of machinery in virtually all small and large-scale construction projects.