What Are the Most Popular Tattoo Languages You Can Use? Find Out Inside!

A popular trend over the years has been different wordings and language designs for those looking to get a tattoo. Some people like to have a tattoo in memory of someone, or often times there are those that love to have a saying on their body that only they know the meaning too because of the foreign origin of the language. Let’s go over a few of the most popular wordings and languages for tattoo design.

Greek Wording

A new popular trend is Greek wording. The letters look really neat and it generally looks good in ink. A common place for these are on the bottom part of the forearm or the calf or shin. Definitely ask your tattoo artist if they can translate your favorite name, quote, or saying in Greek and see what it will look like on you, you may like it!

Japanese Wording

Obviously this is most popular in Japan, but here in America these is becoming more and more used because of the intricate Japanese wordings and designs. A lot of this language is drawn in what looks like wording pictures so they usually end up look pretty cool. Most things can be translated so research a little and check it out!

Chinese Wording

One of the most popular yet is the Chinese style of writing. Much like Japanese, this language when written, looks great! Most Chinese images tell a story, so there’s much to be told by getting one of these works of art ink’d on your skin!