What Are The Prices On Pellet Stoves?

Many people have started to use pellet stoves due to their high efficiency in heating and combustion. Is much more convenient to have one of them, than a wood stove or fireplace and it also saves you a lot of money in electricity bills.

Some people are concerned about the prices, the truth is that they are not cheap, but they can work for years warming your home and saving you thousands of dollars in electricity bills. You should also notice that, usually they have a higher demand on winter and then the prices are much higher that at any other time in the year.

Generally the retail prices range from $ 1400 to $ 3000 dollars depending on what model you want and what features it has. There are some of them with remote control and there are others that are multi-fuel pellet stoves.

For example there is the 40LB Hopper, which at this moment costs $ 1349.99. There is also the Auburn Heater- NPS40, which costs $ 2,002.0

I went to ebay.com made a search and found a Newport Avalon Wood pellet stove at $ 949.99, which is a great price. This is a used one, but has all the features that you need.

As you can see prices different depending on how advanced is the model and what are the features that you want to have. Prices on used pellet stoves can be very cheap, just make sure that it has all the features you need and that it has a warranty. Also, before you buy one, make sure you know where in your house it will be install it and what ventilation you are going to need.