What Are Wall Stickers?

To get straight to the point, wall stickers are basically oversized, or giant vinyl stickers. These stickers are modern day paintings, and are growing rapidly in mainstream interior decor. The idea of vinyl stickers has been around for a few years now, with automobile graphics and vinyl signs, but due to the flexibility of vinyl, the idea of wall stickers was born. In the following I will explain why wall stickers are very popular, and continue to grow in to the mainstream use of modern interior decorating.


The main reason wall decals have got so popular, is the very low cost to have them made. Most companies that deal with vinyl stickers and decals order large rolls of vinyl at a time, which keeps the cost to the customers very low. Once a design is cut from the roll of vinyl, the product is almost complete. The only other necessary item needed to apply the wall sticker is application tape, which assists the person applying the sticker with the position of the graphic on the wall. The application tape will be applied to the graphic once it is cut, and is very affordable to the company making the sticker, so this does not increase the cost of the wall decal.


Vinyl stickers are known for many reasons, but flexibly is by far the best part of using them. The giant stickers are not made to go in one specific part of a wall, they can be applied to any flat surface, like doors, windows, and mirrors. As quick as the vinyl graphic is applied, it can be removed. All wall stickers are made will self adhesive vinyl, and can be removed without any damage to the surface of the wall. They can also be layered, or applied on top of each other to add a personal touch, if desired.

Vinyl stickers are great way to add a creative touch to any room, and can definitely save time and money when it comes to interior decorating. If a remodel is in your future, take a few minutes to discover the vast possibilities of wall stickers. Basic designs can be found at most major super, but for more detailed stickers, specialty websites will offer a better selection and quality.