What Attracts Women? Bad Boy Secrets Revealed

It’s no secret that women are attracted to bad boys. What attracts women to these guys? They are an obvious danger and a more exciting option, compared to the safe, reliable, “nice guy”. Women desire excitement, and a bad boy makes women feel excitement among many other (sometimes conflicting) emotions.

There are a few skills that you need to master, if you want to pull off this mentality:

Confidence building – Confidence, in general, is sexy, but the bad boy has confidence in spades. If your confidence levels are low, you should work on your self-confidence before attempting these techniques. Confidence is everything, when it comes to meeting women as well as in the rest of your life.

Pedestaling – Bad boys never, ever put women on a pedestal. This means do not treat a beautiful or intimidating woman any different than you treat any other woman. Never telegraph that you think someone is “extra special”. This will kill your game faster than anything.

Cocky comedy – Being cocky & funny is another way to show that you have the bad boy mentality. Just make sure to use a little more cocky than funny. Someone who is always funny, is generally not considered a threat to anyone. You should strive to make people laugh without losing your edge. Stay away from goofy humor.

Independence – Bad boys are naturally independent, and independence attracts women. Make sure to spend plenty of time doing what you want to do, and taking care of yourself. Don’t make yourself “too available”. Don’t be afraid to say, “I can’t see you tonight. I’m busy. Let’s get together this weekend.”

Push & pull – Bad boys are notorious for their ability to push women away and have women begging to come back. This doesn’t mean that you should be a jerk, but you should spend some time and energy on mastering the push / pull technique. This is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to seduce a woman.