What Bra Is Best To Wear With Spaghetti Straps

Just to provide some information, spaghetti straps are shoulder straps that are as wide as the spaghetti noodles (that’s how they got the name). These thin straps are mostly found on garments like tank tops, gowns and formal dresses, summer dresses, camisoles and some bras. These are popular in the summer months, when showing off shoulders and décolletage is desirable. These are cooler to wear than the tank tops with wider straps. But some women experience inconvenience with spaghetti straps, especially if their girls do not look and feel good without a bra, and so these women really need to wear one.

Other women wear a regular bra under a dress or top with spaghetti straps, so the bra straps which are usually wider, are shown off. This creates a very unsightly look.

This problem can be resolved several ways. For some women, going braless can be a fine option. Another choice is to wear a strapless bra. Nothing will show under your top with spaghetti straps. But make sure that you get a good strapless, not the bandeau type which is made of stretch fabric. Often these are not flattering and cannot give your breasts support nor shape. A strapless bra which has light or medium padding will give you both shape and support, including comfort.

An alternative to strapless bra is the adhesive bra that you attach to your skin with an adhesive tape which is skin friendly. If you will use an adhesive bra, you should not apply lotion to your skin. Some of these type bras are reusable; others are one time use only. If your girls are large, adhesive bras may not be able to provide your required amount of support. There are also some cases when adhesive bras do not stay in place, or removing them is painful.

When buying a strapless bra, you should get yourself fitted. You should also size down on the band size and also on the cups. If you ask why, it’s because the band is the strapless bra’s source of support (the straps offer only a bit). The band should fit your body snug; it will keep your girls and the bra up. However, when your strapless is too small, ultimately it may slide down and end up around your waist. When the strapless bra is too tight, it will be looking for the smaller part of your body where it can fit and feel at home.