What Breaks the Mind Barriers Of A Killer?

The profile of a mass murderer was recently aired on Australian television and the report was chilling. A young man set on a career in the army was a perfect shot but went off his head and was discharged. Told in training that he was now a killer it seems this may have triggered his murderous rage which ended with 7 dead and 146 wounded. The thought crossed my mind of how many young men are born to kill and what breaks their barrier?

Between living and killing there is a huge wall of resistance in most people. That citadel is impermeable under normal circumstances but soldiers have to break it to do their job. That is the army has to mow it down and that is what their training is about. They learn that they are not killing people but an enemy, that is someone whom they assess does not deserve to live.

So how do they see that other being from whom they choose to take away life. What makes them act in a manner that is anti-human, or is it? Our closest animal cousins, the apes, kill each other but not for the same reason. They don’t murder another ape as an enemy but as a rival for their sexual partner.

Most animals fight to protect their sexual rights and they will ward off predators from their young, but few become killers. Not all humans who massacre others are service trained but something breaks inside them that gives them the permission to do it.

The last few years have seen many commit slaughter of a number of people and there is less understanding of why? In the Charlottesville’s riots today a young man drove his car at speed into a crowd and then backed it up crushing the life out of a young woman and wounding several others. He is apparently obsessed with the views of the White Supremacy Movement.

With so many violent movies, games, and songs pumping such thoughts into the minds of the young are they growing up with different mindsets? Are they being programmed into murderous traits from a young age that is brain-washing them to be killers?