What Decor Style Am I? Interior Design Personalities and Needs

Television and the Internet has given us an incredible insight and locking into some of the most stylish and well designed homes in the world. We see incredible decor every day and it leaves many people asking the question 'what decor style am I?'

Of course there are an infinite amount of styles and types of interior design to suit every different taste imaginable. There are also designs and styles of decor that suit individual locations, for example one interior that is perfect for a New York apartment may not be perfect for a London flat.

If you are wondering what decor style your personality is then the easiest way to do this is to break the styles into three understandable genres – traditional, modern and eclectic.

If you'd like interior designs that are slightly warmer, richer in color and include ornaments and scenic paintings, then perhaps you are more of a traditionalist. Think country cottage as opposed to penthouse suite.

Perhaps you prefer clear lines, light colors and the more minimalistic approach. Do you like the look of innovative designer furniture, hard floors and open plan rooms? If this is you then you are definitely suited to a more modern style.

Finally we have the eclectic personality, which can be very similar to the modern decor. I like to think of the eclectic style as being very clever. For example imagine an antique piece of china displayed in a deep box frame hanging on a wall or etched mirrors strategically placed.

Of course to really understand your style and to find the answer to the question, what decor style am I? Then your best speaking to an interior designer who can advise you on what work will best suit your home and your personality.