What Did The Leading Teachers Really Teach You And Tell You? Your Answer Is Vitally Important!

A young boy came home from Sunday School and he was asked, "Well what did you get today?" This little boy had a vivid imagination – he began – "O we had a fantastic lesson this morning. We were told about two and a half million Hebrew slaves being led out of Egypt by Major General Moses, and they came to the Red Sea , and all along the route they were guided the most modern radar equipment, and phantom and jaguar and tornado jets were giving them air cover, and when they came to the red sea the Engineers and Marines thru down Bailey bridges across the water, and the two and half million people bulldoced across in armored vehicles, and once they all got across, when the Egyptian troops and tanks got onto the bridges they all folded up and the enemy army was killed! "

His father asked, "Was that what they told you and taught you at Sunday School today?" "Well – No – said the wee boy – rather sheepishly – but if I told you what they told me you would never believe me!"

We have been studying the details of the Passover and the dynamic leadership of Moses and the miraculous supernatural crossing of the Red Sea.

But that is how some people react to the Word of God! YES – it is absolutely amazing what the mighty Hand of our Almighty God can do at times – and that that is what we are looking at.

Pharaoh had changed his mind once again. That is always a sign of someone insecure and unstable. He is controlled by wickedness, and he is afraid, and he wants to catch the arbitration, and 600 of his best charioteers are sent in hot pursuit of the Children of Israel – Exodus Chapter 14 verse 7.

Israel felt trapped – hemmed in – no way out – up a blind alley with death near! They are terrified – and they whined to Moses – and blamed him! They had forgotten Who was in control of then – Almighty God. They had forgotten the signs – the miracles – the plagues – 24 hours later and they had forgotten all about the Passover!

Does that happen to us? On Monday or Tuesday we forget to apply what the living God said to us through His Word on the Sunday.

Do not forget the Word of the Lord.

They forget His promises – and allowed fear to paralyse their faith. They were terrified by what they could see, and this was all because they did not remember Him Whom they could not see.

Verse 18. And yet God is going to gain glory out of this. We read of a dramatic intervention by the Living God. Jesus Christ can do that in our lives and in our situations too – when it is necessary.

Verses 19 and 20 depict and describe the Divine Strategy.

Verse 21 – The Wind of God – O when the Wind of God begins to blow – when God begins to ruffle the waters – whey The Holy Spirit moves over the face of the waters, things happen.

Stretch out your stick! Verse 16.

The Lord is light to His people, and confusion to the enemies of His people.

We come here to receive light and love and peace and help and strength and guidance and ministry. Someone may come in here and find nothing, but that answers a big question.

When problems are serious and almost swamping us, that is a time when in the power of the Holy Spirit we just have to go on and trust Him. Remember, the rational and living Lord Jesus Christ is in control of the forces of nature.

We know that He was able to walk on water – turn water into wine – the finest of wine – take five loaves and two fish and feed 5,000. Jesus was able to raise the dead, and could remove every trace of disease.

Verse 25 – we read that the Lord fights for us at times – and there can come that moment when God says, "Enough" – verses 26 to 28.

It makes quite a difference as to who is leading you – as to what we allow to influencing us. In this case – to be an Israeli mean life and to be an Egyptian mean death.

It does matter whether or not you are with Jesus Christ totally – or chasing those who are with Jesus Christ – and giving them a rough time – it matters.

We can not deny that – not when we read these versions, and we never know when it is too late to change our minds from sin to salvation.

That is the Word always says – Today – when you hear His Voice – harden not your heart.

The same waters which were the waters of baptism for two and a half million people in as much as God was doing something and their past was cut off – the same water that saved and saved them – drowned those chasing the people of God.

When we move in obedience to Jesus – Jesus is with us in the battle – and for Jesus to be with us in the battle we have to be prepared to enter the battle.

That may appear self-evident but alas it is not – there are those who would like Jesus to be with them where they are – but they do not want to be where Christ would have them serve.

Sandy Shaw