What Do Adornments Say About You?

The power of first impressions can be very strong. Before someone opens their mouth or even looks you in the eyes, you begin evaluating the exterior signals they’re sending, and you begin forming opinions about them: what they do for a living, what type of person they are, how much money they have.

Right or wrong, it’s true. What you wear on your body, and how you wear it say a lot about you. Sometimes people interpret those signals incorrectly, but wouldn’t you want to know how you’re being perceived, even if it’s not accurate?

Tattoos are a rite of passage for the strong-minded. Tattoos can express very personal feelings about a topic or simply be a way to celebrate something of interest. Their permanency makes the statement seem stronger because there is no easy way to change your mind once made.

Makeup is a way to express our feelings or project a certain mood. The recent “smoky eye” look has been very popular with women and projects an image of allure yet confidence when paired with nude lips. A poorly made up face can suggest the person doesn’t care or is simply uninformed about their faux pas.

Hairstyles say quite a bit about us. Think of the woman you know who still wears mall bangs and has a perm. Do you have confidence that she’s current with trends and topics? I didn’t think so. What about the woman with high hair? It’s easy to think she’s a chatty Cathy or vacuous.

Belly button rings can be a private way to explore hidden interests. Belly button rings can be as demure as a stud or barbell or as enticing as a dangling Playboy Bunny ring. Belly button rings may be an easy low-commitment way to explore your wild side, even if you teach 7th grade English.